Exif Stats Utility

Exif Stats Utility

Ever wondered which focal lengths you were using most, or which lens you used the most, or shutterspeed, or aperture, or ISO or any other technical information you can think of. Well, now this information can be easily extracted using the Exif Stats utility.

Exif Stats is freeware. Enjoy!


What Image Types are supported?

Many common types are supported, including RAW formats like CR2, CRW, ERF, DNG, NEF, SR2, SRF, RAW, X3F and much more.

How does it work?

Exif Stats uses the excellent ExifTool perl script by Phil Harvey.

1) Specify the base directory in which you have your pictures stored. Exif Stats will recursively scan and run through all directories within that directory.
2) Click the “Run Exif Tool” button to process the images. Depending upon the number of images you have, this might take a few minutes. A command window will appear on the top of the window and remain there till processing is complete. This indicates that the perl script is running.

3) Click the “Analyze Results” button and you will get output with statistics of the pictures in that directory in the order of decreasing frequency. The stats will look like “Tag Name”, Count # for each Exif Tag.


By default, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, focal length, lens type are all extracted and the stats are displayed. You can add more tags by manipulating the command line that is generated. See a complete list of tags available.


1) If you don’t have perl installed in your PC, download and install the free Active Perl.

2) Download Exif Stats zip file and run the exifstats.exe in the unzipped folder.

Sample Output

Analyzing Raw Exif Data..
1 directories scanned
36 image files read

Stats for ApertureValue…
5.6, Count: 12
8.0, Count: 12
4.0, Count: 10
5.0, Count: 2

Stats for ExposureTime…
1/20, Count: 8
1/60, Count: 8
1/30, Count: 8
1/80, Count: 4
1/40, Count: 4
1/15, Count: 4

Stats for FocalLength…
17.0mm, Count: 6
27.0mm, Count: 6
40.0mm, Count: 6
18.0mm, Count: 6
30.0mm, Count: 6
39.0mm, Count: 6

Stats for Lens…
17.0 - 40.0mm, Count: 18
18.0 - 55.0mm, Count: 18

Stats for ISO…
100, Count: 36

Last update:
June 24. 2010 00:47:20