The Book

Hi there! I have been in this beautiful earth for almost 38 years. Half a lifetime. With that comes a perspective on what has shaped my life and what will continue to shape it. A perspective I wish to share with you.

Starting Early

Everyone thinks experiences shape your life, but experiences are your life. And it has to start early…

  • Give your young ones plenty of imagination, love, dreams and ability to be curious about the world. The rest they will learn themselves.
  • Give them Hunger..Hunger to rise above petty things, above material things and to realize their inner potential. The hunger to dream big, think without prejudice and love without limits.

On a more cleaner world

I was born and raised in a 3rd world country. One of the biggest culture shocks was when I moved to america and realized the environment can be so much cleaner and nicer.

  • Although it is understood that for the poor, priorities in life may not include keeping things clean, there is something to be said in living in a clean environment.
  • If every single household, dwelling, building took care to keep their own space clean, well maintained and spotless, becoming the next Singapore is easy.

On the role of Government